The curriculum, environment, philosophy, and daily life of Small Faces are grounded in five guiding principles. 

At Small Faces we:

Center Children

Small Faces at its core is a place for children, with an approach rooted in the question –How can we provide children with the tools they need to continue their journey as lifelong learners?

Focus on Community

We are dedicated to collaboration and communication among the people that make up our community and the communities of the children in our care.  This includes the staff, the families, the neighborhood, the city and the cultures in which our lives are rooted.  The teachers, children and parents form a community of educators and learners collaborating to create purposeful play.

Fight Bias

We believe that every child should love who they are, find joy in human diversity, understand human differences, recognize unfairness, and be empowered with the language and skills to fight against prejudice.

Wonder, Explore and Discover

At Small Faces we create environments that inspire the imagination.  We join children on adventures of exploration. Children are allowed to construct their own knowledge through experimentation.  Teachers curate an environment where children can learn all of the things they wish to know.

Listen and Respond

We believe that every person must be aware of, engage with and respond to: the people around them; the world they live in; and their own physical, mental and emotional needs.  As educators we are charged with awakening and encouraging this awareness, engagement and responsiveness in children.